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USMLE Step 2 CS is a test of the medical student to apply clinical knowledge and principles to demonstrate patient centered skills. In the growing competition for residency at this time it is highly essential to ace this exam on the first attempt. The most common reason why majority of the students find it hard is because they are unaware of what they are actually being tested for!

At CS Made Easy!, we give you the practical knowledge and skillset you need to pass this critical test.

  • We offer one-on-one tutoring to students on-line to learn the differential diagnosis of most common clinical conditions and interact live with you to improve your communication skills.
  • We will give access to video case simulations of doctor patient interactions of various clinical conditions so that you know exactly how to perform these doctor - patient interactions from the moment that you enter the examination room till the time you would have to leave.
  • We offer a great opportunity to practice patient notes in timed mode to improve your typing skills with an option to submit patient notes to our team and receive feedback.

Our dedicated team is here to help you get one step closer to medical residency!

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